17 August 2012

About Windows 8 And Its Features

Today i am going to share with you all a video describing the features of windows 8 which i created for the round 1 of Microsoft Student Partners Program 2012. Along with the video i have also written some features of windows 8 which you might like.

  • There are three methods through which you can log into windows 8.
  1. Microsoft Account Password: You can authenticate yourself using your Microsoft Account Password (Windows Live Account) to log into windows 8.
  2. Pin Login: You can use a 4 digit code instead of remembering long passwords to login.
  3. Picture Password: It is the most interesting method among all. In this method you can use three gestures on a picture which will be shown on login screen to authenticate.
  • Windows 8 Styled Apps run in full screen mode. It is really interesting to use many applications like Internet Explorer in full screen. In full screen mode browsing becomes more entertaining and it makes the whole screen much more clean than before.
  • The boot time of windows 8 is much faster as compared to the previous versions. It is because unlike other windows versions, it works on the principle of hibernation. It means whenever you shutdown your computer then windows 8 will save the state of the system on the hard disk and instead of reloading the system files, it accesses the saved state of the system.
  • There is no start button on the taskbar although you can still open start from the charm bar.
  • In windows 8, just like other applications you can close desktop as well. Instead of desktop, the default screen which opens on your system is start screen.
  • While copying files, you can see visual graphs demonstrating the variation in the speed of copying. Microsoft also introduced a pause feature which i think is very useful.
  • The whole Task Manager is redesigned which means you can have a better experience while using it.
Video by Rohit Agarwal (Galgotias College Of Engineering And Technology).

There are many more features of windows 8 which completely changed the working style on it. According to me, using windows 8 is a complete fun. Feel free to post below if you have any questions/comments.


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