2 July 2013

Windows 8.1 Features: How it's different from Windows 8

Many of you must be aware that Microsoft recently launched Windows 8.1 (Preview Version) also known as Windows Blue (You can download it from here). So in this post i am going to show the changes Microsoft made to make Windows 8.1 better and more efficient than Windows 8.

  1. Start Button Returns: The start button is back. Due to the removal of start button in Windows 8, many of the users were confused on how to go to start menu that's why Microsoft thought of bringing it back. Although the start button is back but not the classic start menu. When a user clicks on start button it opens the start screen of Windows 8.1
  2. Boot to Desktop: Now users have the choice to either boot to the desktop or to the start screen. Many users didn't like Windows 8 because whenever the computer starts it opens the start screen unlike the previous version of Windows.
  3. More customizable Lock Screen and Start Screen: Now users have to choice to use multiple images as lock screen. The start screen also has more tile sizes and background colours. You can also capture pictures using your device or answer skype calls without unlocking it first.
  4. Refreshed Xbox Music: Xbox Music is more user friendly and supports custom playlists.
  5. Unified Search: Search charm is now powered with Bing. Now you can search your apps, files and folders and even the web all at the same time using the Windows 8.1 universal search feature.
  6. Improved Multitasking: In windows 8, users can use at most two apps side by side but in Windows 8.1, you can use more than two apps and can even customize the space they use on the screen.
  7. Windows Store: The UI of Windows Store is updated and now it has a cleaner look with large images of apps.
  8. Skydrive Integration: Now you can integrate skydrive right into your explorer and can access your skydrive file directly from the desktop.
  9. Metro Control Panel: For touchscreen users, Microsoft added a Metro Control Panel. Now users no longer required to open the boring desktop control panel.
  10. Internet Explorer 11: The last but not the least is the Internet Explorer 11. Pin your favourite sites to start screen. Browse tabs side by side. All your sites, tabs, history and settings are synced with your Microsoft account.
You can also watch this video to know more about Windows 8.1 Preview Version. Here is the teaser.

Do tell us about your views regarding Windows 8.1 and what you think should be improved in it. Feel free to comment below.


  1. HI there in my mind windows 8.1 is not as well as windows 8 mostly becaus of start bottom
    in the win 8 start bottom was so larger and sutable for tuch screen and so easy to tuch and work with and one important is that in the 8 search in the store was so easy than win 8.1 one more 8 work so fast but 8.1 is sometimes hanging ...in the 8.1 just we look the best personalize in the start screen and two app sideby side meanwhile this is great but is not so important to work for the long time

  2. @Raha Amirchermahini

    Thank you for your comment.
    As far as the problem of hanging in Windows 8.1 is concerned, you should note that Microsoft has not launched a Preview version of Windows 8.1. The final version is yet to be launched. I hope all these problem would be removed from the final version of it.

    Once again thank you for sharing your views with us.