20 July 2012

Unhide Password Hidden Behind Asterisks or Dots

In this post you will learn a simple trick using which you can see hidden passwords behind asterisks or dots on almost every site like Gmail, Yahoo, facebook and many more. The trick is really simple and do not require any coding skills or software.


- Firstly let your friends type their password in the password box on facebook or any other site.
- Now right click on the password box and click on Inspect element. (Requires Chrome or similar browser)

- A new window will open at the bottom of the page. Now if you followed the steps correctly then a line containing input type="password" will appear.

- Just double click on password and replace it with text so that the line becomes input type="text".
- Now you will notice that you can see the password in the text format written in the password box.


- As the Inspect element feature is not present in all browsers so you need to have Google Chrome or browsers based on it for this trick to work.

Disclaimer: This information is for education purpose only. I will not be responsible for any damage you may create with this.


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